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Grease Stillness

an icon challenge community

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A Stillness Community for the Movie 'Grease'.

Welcome! We are an icon challenge community devoted to the 1978 film, Grease. This means our challenges focus on images from the film as well as the lyrics and actors in the movie. If you're a Grease-addict and you love to make icons - you're in the right place!

The mod for this community is workaholic1231 as of April 27th, 2008.
The previous mod is crystalsc.

The rules to the community follow as most stillness communities do.

[1] You must be a member of the community to participate in submissions and voting.
[2] Animated icons are not allowed. Still icons only, please.
[3] Icon submissions must fit the LiveJournal standard of 100x100.
[4] All icons that you enter into the contest must be anonymous until that contest's voting has ended. This means no posting of your submissions elsewhere before the voting has finished.
[5] Have fun! =)
Any further rules will be put in that week's contest information since the challenge will differ each week.

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Credit for the layout coding as well as the profile layout coding goes to minty_peach.
Credit for the header on the recent entry and profile page goes to crystalsc.
Credit for the mini banners used in the profile code go to workaholic1231.